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Life Matters, Inc. was founded by Dr. Joy Johnson in 2008. Over the course of her years as a minister and pastor, Dr. Johnson saw a dire need for change in the surrounding community, and in turn, she felt a strong call to action. It is from this sense of urgency and will to make a difference that Life Matters, Inc. was born. Starting out with one multi-family apartment located in the Foothill Farms/North Highlands area, Life Matters quickly made an impact in the lives of underserved families.

After two years of direct service to 661 households at Logan Park, Life Matters expanded and opened a second location in the South Natomas area. LMI provides services to six locations across North Sacramento. Each site has a proven track record of resident participation and customer satisfaction as well as assisting in the reduction of vandalism, crime, hunger, illiteracy, poverty, and academic failure. By building a sense of community among the residents we are able to accomplish sustainable success. 

We are a Community Development Corporation focused on the economic development and financial empowerment of our communities. We, also, offer programs to engage, educate, encourage, and foster holistic life skill development. We promote good values and healthy living. In addition, we equip students with educational goals, skills, and attitudes to help them grow into healthy and productive adults. In doing so we strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for learning and creativity.

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